Sasa Nemec

Threading Gibellina

Technique: 3D render, .png image file format

Threading Gibellina is the title of a series of rendered images and videos. They convey the spirit in which the artist works, which is trying to thread an invisible thread amongst different communities. The work presented here is a continuation of the Threading Gibiddina artwork, started at the Fondazione Orestiadi residency in 2018, where the artist created a communally embroidered fabric that was the end result of several community based performances. The artist travelled to Gibellina and its neighbouring villages where she invited the locals, through a series of workshops, to repair, mend and embroider together and talk about ecology, clothes and the purpose of things in general. Through embroidering the epigraph from Palermos Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele: L’arte rinnova i popoli e ne rivela la vita, the artist was trying to not just mend the brought fabrics but also the relationships, friendships and perceptions one has of their own community. The rendered image represents the embroidered fabric which has been unrolled onto the Sicilian landscape to connect different communities and people.