Privacy Policy

As you know nobody has privacy in the online traffic that bubbles in and out of existence through vast copper and fibre-optic wires in and over the seas of the world. This section is not directly about that, but about the fact that we do care that we all are connected and that you have the right to use the internet privately and neutrally without interference and manipulation. We do what we can do hold onto those principles. As such:

Collective Intelligence does not collect nor store your data in any way unless you explicitly ask us to do so and even then we will consider twice and we might ask if you are a bot and will prefer non-electric means and personal cards and hand engraved stone panels over high energy consuming services.

Collective Intelligence uses, a Finnish (EU) online service, as our host along our WordPress website and themes and plugins and they will all have some records that they receive and possibly keep from our communications and your traffic on our website. That information may or may not move across continents and the globe. Please contact them for further information about how they use your data.

As well as this we have Instagram and Facebook accounts from which when you sign up and follow you will receive information about our actions.


You have the right to check what information we hold of you.

You have the right to demand that we do not deal with all or parts of your information.

You have the right to demand that we do not use your information for our newsletter.

You have the right to demand that we remove all or parts of your information from our systems.

You have the right to make a complaint about the way in which we handle your information. (link to Finnish dataprotection agency)