IL TRAFFICO at Manifesta12 Biennial – residency and open studio
October 4 – November 4 2018, Palermo.

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Collective Intelligence presents a series of experimental actions and events under the title IL TRAFFICO, for the 5x5x5 section of selected artists at Manifesta12, The planetary garden – Cultivating Coexistence. IL TRAFFICO is an experimental relational-art project focusing on methods for consensus and enhancing local ongoing processes in Sicily.

At Manifesta12 Biennial Collective Intelligence turns the city of Palermo and its surroundings into an artist residency and open studio lasting between October 4th and November 4th 2018.

For the whole month the studio will be live online and artworks will come and go, come alive and die, emerge and disappear, after which the final works will be installed permanently on this platform that emerges from the artistic traffic.

The TRAFFIC of Collective Intelligence 

“Walking like a ghost in the Palermitan traffic, air currents from cars spin it around, pulling it between their doors, and under chassis’ and bonnets, and into compartments only to be let out through open windows and doors. The subjective chaos of personal choices made in quick succession and under pressure being the surface and interface on which it glides as if without will. Yet, it observes everything and thinks. Until the right friction presents itself and it grabs and is propelled at break-neck speed across the territory screaming without being heard.”

– Artist Timo Tuhkanen –

Conventions and norms are best expressed and embodied in traffic. There, in traffic, crowds become amplified sonically and in motion and weight streets form nodes, networks, and bottle-necks, that all flow at a breakneck speed. Particulars concerned with their own immediate surroundings, pulsating the city, but being in traffic is not merely a song of transportation. Mental states adjust to speed and the death defying order of cells that should not touch. Awareness awakens and driving often is a state in which self-reflection and auto-poesia emerge.

To meet this urban bloodstream, Collective Intelligence activity relies on temporary concepts of agency and its subversion. Over the course of their residence in Sicily started in 2017, the participants look at how a meshed ’space for emerging relationships’ acts as a location for ’knowledge creation’ rather than product development or production. (Ikijiro Nonaka and Noboru Konno, The Concept of “Ba”: Building a Foundation for Knowledge Creation). This shared space is multi-sensorial, equally observing the activity of all the senses. Thus emergent knowledge arises from between the individuals and their fields of interest rather than from what the individual already knows.

Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence is an artist group who organizes a series of deep-dive sessions, encounters where artists, thinkers and activists work on parallel and shared projects, influencing each other in a convivial frame.

Collective Intelligence participants for IL TRAFFICO are: Antti Ahonen (FI), Ionas Amelung (DE), Alan Bulfin (IE/FI), Erika De Martino (IT/FI), Johanna Fredriksson (FI), Jytte Hill (DE), Egle Oddo (IT/FI), Marjatta Oja (FI), Saša Nemec (SI), Leonardo Ruvolo (IT), Timo Tuhkanen (FI).

During their projects in Sicily, Collective Intelligence has been collaborating with several local partners: the STEBICEF department of University of Palermo, Orestiadi Foundation, Sementi Indipendenti, and Dimora Oz artists run association. Dimora Oz collaborates with IL TRAFFICO through the contribution of: Stefan Bressel (DE), Francesco Cucchiara (IT), Gandolfo Gabriele David (IT), Daniele Di Luca (IT), Andrea Kantos (IT), Fabio R. Lattuca (IT), Michele Vaccaro (IT).

5x5x5 Manifesta12 selected projects 

IL TRAFFICO, Exhibition and Events

Day 4.10 from 16:00 to 19:30. Venue: Manifesta 12, Teatro Garibaldi, Piazza Magione.

Open talk and screening. Speakers and guests: Egle Oddo (Collective Intelligence), Leonardo Ruvolo (Macao), Andrea Kantos (Dimora Oz), Andrea Cusumano (Chief of the Cultural Office of Palermo City), Lisa Wade (coordinator of Collateral Events for Manifesta 12), and a representative from Orestiadi Foundation.

Along with their main program, Collective Intelligence presents a screening including the work of: Nabb + Teeri, Kari Yli-Annala, Pekka Niskanen, Tuomas Tuomiranta and Kalevi Uusiniemi, Carolin Koss, Saku Soukka, Heta Kuchka, and a selected video program of the students of Helsinki based Art School Maa, as part of a contribution for the educational program of Manifesta.

Day 4.10 open from 20:00 to 23:00. Days 5 and 6.10 open from 17:00 to 20:30. Venue: KaOZ, via Francesco Riso, 55 (Piazza Magione).

Exhibition and screening curated by Collective Intelligence: Nabb + Teeri, Kari Yli-Annala, Pekka Niskanen, Tuomas Tuomiranta and Kalevi Uusiniemi, Carolin Koss, Saku Soukka, Heta Kuchka, and a selected video program of the students of Helsinki based Art School Maa, as part of a contribution for the educational program of Manifesta.

From 4.10 to 4.11.2018 Collective Intelligence artists open studios at www.iltraffico.fi

The webpage is the location where the public can access the on-going open studios, and it will change gradually during the month of October, showing the work in progress and the collaborations happening between Palermo and in Helsinki.

Day 22.10 to 28.10, at HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Helsinki.

Collective Intelligence experiments at Hiap studios focusing on relational, site-specific and community-specific elements. You can follow their actions on: www.iltraffico.fi or booking a live visit through the webpage.

Day 25.10 from 11:00 to 16:00, exclusive IL TRAFFICO Tour.

You need to book your place day 23.10 by calling +39 3296021548 and we will tell you the easiest meeting point. Only 4 places available for free.

If you want to experience how the traffic of vehicles forms the narrative of Palermo city, and see the city from the perspective of locals, you can book an exclusive trip traveling with a private car driven by Senior social-worker Lucia Zanetti. A unique experience tailored for you.

Day 4.11 from 18:00 to 20:00, live feed from Myymälä2 gallery, Helsinki.

Closing party and performances. Available online at www.iltraffico.fi